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with Mat Calland, Trusted Financial Coach

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I love Financial Coaching because it makes people happier. To be clear, money can't buy happiness. However, a lack of money can buy unhappiness, along with its friends stress, worry, and frustration. Having battled with the changing monetary pressures of being married and (now) having three kids, I personally know the challenges in trying to figure out how to get your finances in order while still trying to live your life.

Sadly, finances are a problem for many people: it holds them back from where they want to be or how fast they want to go. They may feel like they're barely treading water while others advance. As a financial coach, my passion is helping people improve their lives through better financial health. That's because the happiness, stability, and peace that comes with being in control of your own financial situation doesn't just help you financially; financial wellness helps with every aspect of your life, from relationships to personal health. 

The core of Calland Financial Coaching is a flexible, personalized, 15-session program, focused on individual goals and desires. I do not touch, control, manage, invest, or make financial decisions with your money; I do empower you to do all those things, assisting you with your financial success.

Our financial coaching stresses 'no pressure, no judgment'. We're not concerned on how you got here; we only care where you want to go. Our friendly, easy-going virtual meetings are all about your personal needs - helping with the day-to-day tactics of improving your financial situation, while teaching strategies that help you meet your long-term plans. And since your privacy and outcomes are important, all clients receive a confidentiality agreement, and as a fiduciary, I put your goals first.

For twenty years, I've loved making the most of a team, including leading and captaining squads from the office workplace to the basketball and dodgeball courts of Pittsburgh. For even longer, I've loved numbers, whether it was finding discrepancies in paychecks for my coworkers or assisting my church in financial decisions. As your Financial Coach, I provide help with both, assisting the numbers and the strategies, so that you can worry less about finances, and instead focus on what really matters in your life.

An initial meeting is always without cost and without obligation. Schedule one and see if Financial Coaching with Fin Coach Mat can improve where you're headed! 

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"Mat is an expert in helping to see the ‘big picture’ and in explaining the situation in understandable terms. I never felt like he was judging me re: what decisions I had made financially. I felt totally at ease during our zoom sessions and appreciated his honesty and candor. I FINALLY feel like I am in control of my money instead of feeling like I am sinking/drowning in expenses. Such an exciting feeling!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing on with Coach Mat!! You won’t be disappointed!"

Jane L.

"I was used to hanging on and hoping for the best financially. I checked my accounts a couple times a week and kept a loose grasp on how to stay afloat but had no idea how to take control of my finances.... Enter Coach Mat. He is a warm-hearted, caring, passionate, and staunch defender of Everything you hold dear. He single-handedly gave us the tools to succeed and the freedom to dream."

Mark S.

“Just wanted to say I had the happy realization this morning that I had NO idea when I last got paid. Was it last week? The week before? I’m never waiting for our paychecks anymore! That was unthinkable a few months ago 😊”

Rosie C.

“Before I didn’t have any idea where my money was going. Now I do, and now I know how to direct it. It's powerful.”

Jason S.

“I just felt like we were just floundering around, couldn't make meaningful changes. Now, even though we have quite a journey, we feel confident we can live, we're not worried we're going to overspend. Our debt is going down and having that is so purposeful.”

Brandon B.

"Before this, I had the scaries. I pictured getting married and going, 'So here's what I have', and they would be like 'WOAH' in dismay and despair.”

Grace C.


Your Guide To Crossing The Financial Ocean

​Imagine you're on a sailboat in the ocean. Maybe the journey started out pleasant, but now things are getting difficult: the waters are choppy, rain is pelting down, and the winds are blowing your boat around. All of a sudden, you realize your sails have torn. You go to look at them only to find that you've sprung a leak - water is beginning to fill your boat. Now in the center of a full-blown storm, you look up, and realize sharks are circling around your little sailboat, looking hungry. In disbelief, you see a giant squid - a kraken! - has even slithered a tentacle around your sails, threatening to rip apart your very means of survival.

Sound scary? For so many people, this is how they spend their journey across the financial ocean. Every day, they struggle against storms of expenses and choppy financial waters, battling frantically enough to stay afloat. They try to patch their savings sails while being tied to heavy anchors of debt, trying to plug the financial leaks in their boat fast enough to avoid getting eaten by student loan sharks or credit card krakens. And through all this constant worry and fear and struggle, they're never really sure of where they're going, or how they could make their journey better.

Enter Fin Coach Mat. As your financial coach, I act as both repairman and guide, teaching you how to fix and improve your boat while also helping you set course for where you want to go. Through our financial program, I'll help you catch the winds that are blowing, instead of just being blown around by them. I'll teach you how to strengthen your boat to protect it from storms of unexpected costs. Best of all, you'll see where you are now, where you're headed, and where you can go, all with a personalized plan that gives you new ways of thinking about and mastering your money. 

Click on a picture below to see where you might be on your journey today - and where I could help you go in the future!

About the Artist: Rosemary Brundige provides course art work for Calland Financial Coaching. Her simple, whimsical style allows for quick-to-laugh illustrations, whether she’s rendering historical figures to her History classes in Boston, MA, or she’s depicting a woman smacking a Credit Card Kraken with an oar. She can be reached at

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Calland Financial Coaching is a 6-month program, running for 15 sessions, starting weekly and gradually easing to monthly. Each virtual face-to-face session features 1-on-1 (or 1-on-couple) time with Fin Coach Mat, tailored to your specific personal financial situation. Each session teaches new tactics and strategies, with topics including battling debt, goals and dreams, spending alignment, investing, saving up for large purchases, cash flow management, and many more, all designed to provide short and long-term improvement to your financial wellness.


To provide proper advice, a financial coach must be privy to personal and confidential information. The client's privacy is paramount and of critical importance to a good relationship. Therefore, each client receives a Confidentiality Agreement, ensuring that Calland Financial Coaching will not publish or disclose information regarding clients’ financial status, assets, debts, goals, investments, costs, beliefs, or any other associated financial or personal data, unless required by legal means.


Meetings with Fin Coach Mat are collaborative, easy-going, and instructional. Done in roughly 1 hour from the comfort of your couch or living room via Zoom, there is no judgment or shame regardless of financial situation; the focus remains on how to move forward. Open Q&A and topics tailored to specific client needs are a part of every meeting, giving you the chance to ask all the financial questions you've ever wanted.


Calland Financial Coaching has an egalitarian pricing model, where every client's costs are based as a percentage of their income. That means that whether you're single making $25k a year, or you're a couple making $250k a year, costs are kept within a range that your financial situation can handle. For your exact pricing, book a no-cost introductory session!

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A no-cost, no-obligation meeting where you can determine if Financial Coaching with Fin Coach Mat will help you on your journey to financial wellness! Leave your information and preferred time for an initial meeting, and we will respond in short order.

Thank you for your interest. We will respond shortly!

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